Dragon City Cheats

Dragon city is the latest facebook application game. It is exciting and a breeding game. It is really hard to breed rare dragon and takes time to breed them without using thousands of Gems. So our team develop a Bot for Dragon City Cheats. Its still in beta however it works with the current version of the game now.  With this Dragon City Cheats you will level faster and you will breed rare dragon faster and you can level your dragon to thier max level faster if you use it day. get it here

Dragon City Cheats Features:

  • Gems Generator
  • Gold Generator
  • Food Generator
  • More Feature to be added by next update

Dragon City Cheats Download

Dragon City Cheats Information:

Dragon City is about building habitats with regard to dragons, hatching dragon eggs, breeding types of dragon together and making certain the player’s increasingly-large menagerie remains well-fed. The game walks players with the basic processes involved within hatching, building, housing and feeding dragons via a simple tutorial and then repeatedly encourages these phones follow these procedures through a number of quests. There is not a particular “story” to follow, meaning that the primary incentive for progression would be to earn money, level up and complete the “Dragon Book” with all 159 kinds of dragon currently in the overall game. Some of these dragons might be discovered simply by hatching brand new eggs, some may be found by feeding a dragon enough to allow them to “evolve” and others might be found by breeding two various kinds of dragon together. Some dragons are additionally awarded as daily bonus deals, and others may be acquired using the in-game “recruitment tavern” to obtain friends to help

Dragon City’s monetization happens primarily through its gentle currency “gold, ” which is necessary for most tasks, including clearing “junk” items in the play area. There is no energy bar system within the game, so the main way of limiting free players’ interaction using the game comes through this particular currency system. Successfully-bred dragons earn money with time, allowing the player to build up larger and larger income streams with time, theoretically allowing for steady growth. However, this is somewhat stymied through the time the player gets to approximately level 7-8, at which point they’ll likely have a mission to hatch a “Plant Monster. ” Purchasing the habitat with this dragon costs 1, 500 gold, which is well inside the reach of the player’s income stream at this time in the game. Actually purchasing the egg cell to hatch the monster, however, costs a massive 15, 000 gold, necessitating either a currency purchase or lots of tedious grinding. This sudden difficulty spike will probably prove offputting to numerous players, especially since the online game is, up until this stage, rather generous with encounter, soft and hard foreign currency rewards

When the player reaches level 10, they are able in order to enter the game’s PvP element, known as Dragon Category. Here, players are able to attack others as much as three times every six hours and become rewarded with prizes such as experience, soft and hard foreign currency. There is little when it comes to risk involved in this particular mode, however, as dragons cannot end up being “lost” or injured throughout combat, making the experience just a little shallow – it’s essentially a bit more than an alternative way of grinding. Similarly, the facility to visit friends who’re also playing the game isn’t very well fleshed out – players can click on friends’ buildings to “help” but receive no indication of exactly what, thematically speaking, they are actually doing – they just click on something to help to make experience and money take out


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